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Ace sprites by Mysterious Ninja
Amy Rose (blue) sprites by Amy Rose
AkumaTH sprites by TapamN; expansions by AkumaTH and an assload of contributors
Angell - DP
Beamer - Yoshindo
Blake Striker - Blake Striker
Bowser - Zin
Cackletta - Omega
Cell - AkumaTH
Chaomunk - CS
Chaotix - Yoshindo
Charuka (hedgehog) - DP
Cream ripped by SEGA/Sonic Team
Cyber Sonic - CS
Dark Trinity - Trinity
DP sprites (Rittz and Aoi) - DP; Advance style - Al the Hedgehog; expansions to Rittz style by Cylent Nite.
Drake Getheler - Blake Striker
Dr.Wily sprites by Capcom; expansions by Deccus, _____; cloaked by _____
Falco Lombardi - Mechachu & Rlye of the Kitsune
Greif/Scotty - Trinity
Hurricane Sprites - AkumaTH
Hyper-S sprites (3k style) - Hyper-S; Advance, Showoff and "newer" 3k style - DP
I-Sak the Bleu Demon - DP
Iggy Koopa - Naraku
Indi - Kasou Reido
Indi-Clone - by Indi; RittZ - DP
Javs-X4 - Miquel Fire
KingFire - Miquel Fire; Human sprites - Mysterious Ninja; Rittz style - DP
Knuckles sprites - SEGA/STI
Larry Koopa - Cylent Nite
Lavender sprites - Trinity
Luigi - Tanman
Mario - Tanman
Matrix(3k style) - Al the Hedgehog; Rittz style - DP
Max sprites - Firerocket
Mewtwo sprites - Arsenic and Firarae
Nemo - C.Nemo
Peridot - Trinity
Psiko - DP
Purple - Yoshindo
PWD - HAL Laboratories
Rosemarie sprites - DP; expansions by LanceTH
Sam - Yoshindo
Samus Chao sprites by _____
Satan Chao - CS
Sephiroth sprites by _____
Shadow sprites - DP; expansions by Cylent Nite, AkumaTH, LightningTH, Damien, and Bruno the Rhino
Alternate Shadow sprites - Cylent Nite
Shadow Trinity - DP
Shin AkumaTH - (rittz style) by DP; 3k style - AkumaTH
Soldier sprites (G-Class) - Trinity; all other classes - DP
Sonic(3k style) - SEGA/STI
Trinity sprites by Trinity; expansions and modifications by Mysterious Ninja, DP, Xiaon & AkumaTH
Yoshindo - Yoshindo

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