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Last Updated: March 25, 2007
(Now Javs can stop bothering me about updating this page.
The FAQ page here should come to help you with whatever questions it may have. This page is updated whenever any information needs to be changed or updated, obviously.

Q: How did your site get here to be?
A: I had originally had my comics hosted on Indi's site, but I had to move somewhere else due to her site was running low on space. I then had managed to have them hosted on Chasupi World. Which is also when I began my small site which was on BoomSpeed. I then got asked to move to the MiquelFire server for someodd reason, and I accepted it. Once that sever went down due to billing issues, I went back to BoomSpeed. Once BoomSpeed went too slow for my tastes, (supposedly bandwith) I went and made a mirror site in GeoCities until BoomSpeed went, well... boom.

In mid-late 2003, I was accepted an offer to join Warped Incz. However, that went down and has no signs of showing up after a "little" domain issue when the site switched hosts in March the following year; meaning that I was floating around hostless for four months. After quite a bit of discussing with peers, I got back on MiquelFire, but it was in a prolonged hiatus due to the lack of inspiration and wanting to make the layout more appealing than my past attempts.

In Sept/Oct. 2005, I expressed interest in joining The Middle Ground, but dropped out because the administrator (RedFox at the time) claimed that my comic upload format could not be carried over-- but that turned out to be false anyway. February the following year brought up another attempt to apply for the site and despite being quite possibly the most qualified of all the applicants, I was denied staffmanship for some paltry "attitude" reasons. (Though there were people on staff and people affiliated with them that were worse than I could ever hope of dreaming of.) August 2006 brought those issues up again, but the staff (none of which are currently aboard as of this update) was questioned about their intentions and couldn't speak up. So after another close "battle", I was picked up onto MG and remained since.

Q: Care to explain a little about Warped Incz.?
A: Warped Incz. was a comic network site that had ZeroNemi (webmaster), Akuma, Trinity, myself, Piccolo920, Pete, Caracal and Phear. We had a pretty rough start until we got just about everything sorted in March 2004. Two days afterwards, the domain expired and Zero said he was trying to get it back (or us another one). Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and we all went our seperate ways.

Q: Where is everyone now?
A: I am obviously here on MG with Akuma and a "retired" Trin. Caracal is on MTKBeta and pops on MG's message board occasionally with Phear, Pete is on Munkki and Aftervision, and I honestly lost track of the rest.

Q: What's the best browser to view this page in?
A: Anything with a resolution of 1024x768, and this site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox.

Q: Will you ever have a sprite page?
A: I've thought about it on and off, and I'm still very undecided. If I ever say yes, the page will not be a top priority on my list. That and I don't want those bastards at MFZ bothering me for stuff.

Q: What's it about?
A: S# is a part of the KI Chronicle that goes on with the ongoings that involve our beloved Anti-Team. There's no true "star" to the entire thing, since all the A-Characters get a fair amount of sporlight themselves.

Q: The S?
A: "Series", due to the lack of creativity on my part. I like the name, though, so it'll stick.

Q:About this KI Chronicle
A: The KI (Krystal Isle) Chronicle deals with the happenings in the Krystal Isle vicinity and places outside it (it's a very, VERY big area), where most of S#, ToR, JSW, RCC, and ATHComic occurs/ed.

Q:ToR? ATH? They're connected to this comic?
A: Of course those two series are canon with this. Although the visual connection to it isn't very clear, it's there.

Q:Does Akuma and Trinity know about this?
A: Yes, I've told them about it back in 2002 and they liked the concept of it very well.

Q:Anyways, what's up Pages 1-58?
A: Long gone. When I was on MF the first time, the site went down because of an unpaid/late bill which Javs never got to, meaning those were all lost. Oh well, the scriptwriting in Ser.1 sucks anyway.

A:Seriously. It has some of the cheesiest lines this side of a Sonic game, the pacing looks/is/was rushed, and adding onto the fact that 1-58 are absent makes it all the worse.

Q:Do you have any plans on fixing it?
A: Yes, but it'll be in text form. And no, not like a fanfic.

Q:Will you ever take it down then?
A: No, despite my somewhat vulgar view torwards the scriptwork and me going to patch some parts up , the overall plot is still going to remain the same. That and some people still like Ser.1

Q: Are DP and Psiko brothers?
A: No.

Q: Who's Syka?
A: Sykahramika Renekeythia [ istillhaven'tfiguredalastnameforher ], often shortened to Sykah-Reney or just Sykah (pronunced "cy-kuh" or "see-kah") is a fairly obsucre character of mine (as in, she's only in art) that lives in the eastside of KI in the sunny tourist attration, Sonovah. She mostly does her own thing and lives a normal life in her hometown.

Q: Do you have any tintentions using her?
A: Not likely. I originally was gonna include her in Series 2, but that idea was scrapped when I completely replanned Chapters 3 and onwards.

Q: What is up with Dr.Wily?
A: Dr.Wily (or Wily D as he like to call himself now) is suffering from a midlife crisis that'll pass over soon enough.

Q: ...Shadow? Why that name?
A: I suck at naming.

Q: Does Akuma kn...

Q:What happened to LOBI?
A: League of Badasses, Inc. renamed themselves to the Anti-Heroes.

Q: Who are the Anti-Heroes?
A: The Anti-Heroes have a particullar mission statment to conqueor all of the world, or at least Krystal Isle at the beginning.

Q: Who's in the Anti-Heroes?
A: As of right now- DP, Psiko, Angell, Matrix, all the Soldiers, Professor Johnson, Charuka, Bowser, Dr.Eggman, Dr.Wily, Bowser and all his kids ('cept maybe Wendy), Dark Trinity, Chasupi, Shadow Trinity, Shin Akuma, Grief, Blake Striker, Drake Gethler, KingFire, and Noah Good.

Q: Have you ever thought about making the comic drawn?
A: During my little "downtime" (March 2004-April 2005), I have gave doing such a thing some very serious though, but I ultimately chose not to because I simply cannot be motivated enough to consistently draw a comic series. But who knows? I might do something realting drawing a comic someday.

More questions to come in the future.

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